Post-OP Therapy In Surrey

Post–Op therapy is the most essential after any surgery for speedy healing and complete recovery, especially, after any orthopedic surgery.

Whether you had a hip replacement, a tendon repair, or every other form of main surgical treatment, postoperative remedy therapies are vital for restoring joint movement and flexibility. Murrayville Physiotherapy and Sports clinic provides end-to-end post-op therapy sessions in Surrey for the fastest rehabilitation

Our Post-OP Therapy in Surrey has a strong team of certified and industry-leading therapists for physical therapy after surgery.

Our licensed bodily therapists are experienced in treating the surgical region and its associated musculoskeletal segments. Some of the therapies conducted here are:


Stretching is crucial in regaining and retaining the variety of movement in joints and the ability of muscle mass after an operation. Stretching additionally facilitates lessening ache and swelling.


Strengthening sporting activities assists in enhancing muscle characteristics surrounding the surgical region and during the whole frame. Strengthening your frame`s core (midsection) is likewise key to balancing and recovering – and to getting your in the active form again.

Range-of Motion Therapy

Range of movement refers to how extensively you may flow the affected joint or limb in all the viable directions wherein it ought to be capable to move. With the help of exercise and therapy, we can help to improve your range of motion.

Ultrasound and Electrical Therapy

High-frequency sound waves and occasional electric waves heal deep tissues. This facilitates enhanced blood flow, regains the nerve’s vitality, and normalizes the body’s function. If you are looking for a Post-OP Therapy Clinic in Surrey, connect with us at Murrayville Physiotherapy & Sports Clinic.

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