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Murrayville Physiotherapy & Sports Clinic is conveniently located in Murrayville adjoined to Langley Memorial Hospital ER and in Surrey inside NewGen Medical Center. Our therapists are experienced in treating various conditions using a variety of effective therapy options. Our Kinesiologists team provides Active rehab sessions a proven model of return to work treatment using a dynamic group setting that combines physiotherapy, exercise, and health education. Clients receive individualized recovery assistance on self-management of symptoms and a durable return to work.

In addition to Physiotherapy and Active Rehabilitation, we also offer Home Physiotherapy, PAT functional tests, and Lab testing Facilities in our facility. Physiotherapy assessments and functional assessments are also done in our setup.

Murrayville Physiotherapy and Sports Clinic is a name famous for the fastest rehabilitation of patients through various physical, massage, and mechanical therapies. We conduct therapies in the following segments:

  • Post-op-therapy
  • Sports therapy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Senior Physiotherapy
  • Active Rehabilitation

After assessing your condition, we provide a customized treatment package to you. Our commercials are highly budget-friendly and affordable. We cure you of the root and treat all ailments without any delay.


Simply fill out this form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Our clinic team of Physiotherapists and staff are dedicated and passionate about empowering every patient to regain optimal function as quickly as possible. We are committed to delivering a patient experience that exceeds expectations in a caring and respectful manner.

Our vision is to inspire, motivate our community by educating them to achieve goals and recover faster by providing insightful and innovative treatments that set a new standard for clinical excellence, delivered by a compassionate staff.

The services we offer, techniques we use to treat various injuries. Kindly visit the services pages.

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6321 King George Blvd #104, Surrey, BC V3X 1G1

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